The main and basement floors are open to the public 24/7 for RP!

Keelhaul uses a simplified version of American style roulette for our games of chance with the wheel. It's made to be easy to remember and easy to join! Our wheel has 40 possible slots for the ball to fall into.
Numbers 1 and 2 are green
Numbers 3 through 21 are red
Numbers 22 through 40 are black

How to play:
1) Wait for the Croupier to call that s/he is taking bets
2) Have your character call either red or black, and the amount they wish to bet on their chosen color. (These are IRP bets not involving real gil!)
3) The Croupier will announce no more bets, and roll /random to determine the winning color.
4) If the roll lands on green, the House wins and keeps the earnings from all bets, so be careful!

Tarot Readings
Hidden inside the Chocobo Forest lies a den of intrigue! If you decide to brave the dark woods, stop by our Tarot Den, run by one of our <SpeeD> Game Masters, Ereian S’entil. If our legendary swindl- errrr fortune-teller is there, petition him to read for your fate! Have caution, though, who knows what kind of dark tale your cards may read.
Location: Private Quarters Room #9
Readings cost: Your choice of deck: traditional tarot reading or lore-based astrologian reading. Traditional tarot is drawn out-of-game and read back to you. Astrologian is drawn in-game with duplicate cards being re-drawn.

One-card readings: completely free!
Three-card spreads: 10,000 Gil per reading.

Tips appreciated!
Rules: Feel free to listen in on the readings, but please sit down in the lounge below and wait your turn if you are not currently being read to. Readings may last about 10-15 minutes. The Game Master will let you know when he's finished typing it all up.

Mandragora Slots
Feelin' lucky, punk?
Simply approach the giant lever, grab, and spin as hard as you can!

Type "/random 5" four times in the chat. If you get three or more of the same number in a row out of those four rolls, you're a winner!

  1. = Mandragora Queen

  2. = Onion Prince

  3. = Tomato King

  4. = Eggplant Knight

  5. = Garlic Jester

Not feeling up for the other festivities? Come downstairs and spend some time at our indoor Chocobo Racetrack! Speak to the NPC Bookie to place your (In-Roleplay) bets on up to four of our finest birds, have a seat in our cushioned bleachers, and enjoy!

Races are held roughly every 20 minutes at select events. The Announcer will add racers to their party and initiate the /countdown command to start. Want to compete in the agility course as a Jockey? Just let one of the staff know via /tell!

Rules, announced before every race: Landing atop the spectator stage or it's railings gets you disqualified!
Cheating through the gate/pillars surrounding the center is also a Disqualification.
Sprinting IS allowed.
First one to /sit atop the Vortex couch in the center of the track wins!
Jumping over the white Mahogany Aqueduct to the left of the starting gates will take you out of the track when you've finished!

Venue Rules

1- Courtesy to general RP environment. No god modding or ERP in public. (If you need more clarification speak to Lumi Hazar or Ren Sasaki)

2- If you are tagged RP or In Character you may NOT go upstairs. There is a bouncer IC that will stop you and if you walk up there in character we will not acknowledge it. (Visit it OOC if you like though! We love visitors checking out the Pirate nest, and the Message Book is up there ;> )

3- Bar fights allowed with some prior agreements and consent. If a staff member throws you out, you will be considered out.

These rules don't cover every single aspect but if you're looking to get around it via technicalities we reserve the right to make decisions on a case by case basis.

If you are having an OOC issue with another patron please keep it to whispers and do not bring outside real drama into the casino. Please blacklist players who are bothering you.

Thanks and enjoy your time!


Soft Opening!

Come one, come all, to the Keelhaul!

Friday, May 22nd 7:30-9:30PM Pacific!

Welcome to the Soft Opening of our Keelhaul Casino. A night of drink, gambling, and games await for the promise of coin.

- Bar -
We provide an excellent array of liquor and alcoholic beverages. Including on-tap Ale to keep the bounty flowing. Ask the Bartender for a menu and drink the night away!

- Gambling -
Try your luck at our roulette, make it rich and make it rain! The Croupier on staff will explain the rules. Have fun and go Kupo nuts!

- Races -
Enter our main attraction, the chocobo races! Place your bets or enter the race yourself to win big! Kweh!

- Tarot Readings -

Fortunes told in the mysterious Chocobo Forest. Enter the door in the back, your fate awaits!

-Open stage-
Got a song you wanna perform? An ale-laden arse to parade in front of the crowd? Get up there!

Enjoy your plunder and shiver your timbers, Avast and sail with haste for...

The Keelhaul Casino!!

All information on each event can be found within the

As this is our first event, feedback on all aspects of it is extremely welcome! We have multiple FC members who are new to RP and looking to improve! Send Lumi [email protected] a /tell or jot it down in the message book upstairs OOC!